Book Review: Lazarus Awakening

I feel a little sheepish for finally getting around to blogging and it’s only a book review. Not that book reviews are bad, I like hearing what other people have to say about what they’ve been reading, especially when they are books on my Want To Read List, but, oh, I don’t know, I feel […]

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Book Review: 31 Days of Drawing Near to God

> This is an easy to read daily devotional book by missionary Ruth Myers. As the cover of the book states, it was “previously released as The Satisfied Heart.” As far as daily devotionals go, this was okay. If I’m going to follow a book or teaching of some sort for my daily devotional time, […]

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Book Review: Secure Daughters, Confident Sons

> I love to read, but I don’t exactly gravitate toward parenting books. I’ve read some, and they’re okay, but I much prefer other topics. So when it came to choosing my next Blogging for Books selection, I chose this title more out of duty and a sense of parental responsibility rather than desire. As […]

Book Review: The Next Christians

On pages 30 and 31, in response to a conversation Lyons has with a producer from Lionsgate Films he says this: ” … the most profound and unavoidable observation that confronted me as I answered Haley was how significantly Christianity had become divided and incoherent to the average spiritual sojourner. The century-long buildup to this […]

Blogging for Books: Radical by David Platt

On my May 21, 2010 entry I blogged about this book. Well, just the first chapter, really. After all, it was just a sneak-peak, and it was all I had read. I’ve finally read the entire book, and here’s my verdict. If you want to read a book about evangelism and fulfilling The Great Commission […]

Top 10 of ’10

>Holiday shopping is nearly upon us, and for some of you, your Christmas shopping has already begun. Well, I wanted to share with you my top ten reads of 2010 (so far) just in case you might want to purchase a couple and wrap them up with paper and ribbons to stick under the tree, […]

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TRUE RELIGION: Taking Pieces of Heaven to Places of Hell on Earth

> I’ve had this book on my shelf for a couple of months and finally got around to reading it just a little over a week ago. It’s a fairly short book and easy to read, but it took me a while to get through it. I couldn’t stop weeping. Seriously, I grabbed it up […]

RADICAL by David Platt

>So I got a sneak-peek at David Platt’s new book RADICAL. After reading the first chapter I’m already convicted, inspired, and challenged. I want to read more, and plan to, but I have to get the book first. Like I said, it was only a sneak-peek-Chapter 1-and I am hooked already. For many American Christians, […]

Book Review ~ Mansions of the Heart

>I devoured, er, read this book given me by a great friend. I must say, the description of this book does not do it justice for I by-passed it because it sounded uninteresting, and had it not been for Robin suggesting that we read this together and then discuss it throughout, I never would’ve read […]

Nook vs. Book

> I love to read. I love to read books. I want a Nook. It’s not a book. Even if it is called a Nook book. There’s just something about reading the inside cover and turning actual pages. I love being able to hold an open book to my chest when I feel particularly moved […]

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