Love and Justice–A Noble War

>Justice is a two-sided weapon of love. One side is a pillow, the other is a jack hammer. It depends on what side you happen to be standing that determines the kind of emotion it will evoke. The one weilding the weapon should always come from a position of love, but not everyone will feel […]

Ralph Nader

> I just finished watching Ralph Nader: An Unreasonable Man. L. O. V. E. D. I. T. I voted for him in the last presidential election and was sad to witness yet another loss, given all the victories he’s won over the years. I may not agree 100% with all his views, but long-term, broad […]


>First of all, since my last post, I’ve received a lot of traffic here. I guess that’s what “Derek Jeter” will do for a blog, but I’m sorry to disappoint the droves of you who come here looking for a good story about the beloved NY Yankee only to find that I actually care more […]

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