War and Peace and Prayer

A woman in our church had died which provided us the perfect opportunity for first-hand training rather than simply talking about the theories and principles of funeral services.  My mentor, Rev. K, told me about funerals she had led in the past, debacles–perceived or otherwise–she had experienced, and of walking a fine line between mission […]

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On Being a Stay At Home Mom: It’s NOT About Me

Okay, so I said that being a SAHM is all about me, and in one respect that’s true.  Everything I do comes from who I am; therefore, if I’m terribly broken and incomplete, my role in my home and family will be severely fractured and out of balance. But if I’m strong, emotionally healthy, and However, if […]

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It’s Not Too Early

It’s not too early to start thinking about Christmas this year. In fact, I know some people who are already gathering gifts in preparation for the holidays. So, before you spend all your money on more Christmas and holiday stuff, consider this video and make some plans for implementing a new kind of gift-giving this […]

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On Being a Stay At Home Mom: The Beginning

Lately I’ve been feeling a need to help women who happen to be SAHMs (Stay At Home Moms) or will be transitioning into such a position or even hope to be living their work in the home at some point.  This is no way meant to exclude SAHDs (Stay At Home Dads) but these series, […]

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Gift of Truth

Me: “You are racist.” She: “Racism exists.  You are choosing to participate in racist ways.” Which one is better? My comment was used in part of a longer example in discussing discrimination and reconciliation.  She picked up on my hypothetical comment and suggested how I might say it better, citing word choice as a large, contributing factor in […]

If You Can’t Say No . . .

I was talking to someone not too long ago who was frustrated and annoyed by a situation that she felt was kind of shoved on her already-full plate.  She didn’t have the time, money, or desire to follow through with an event that she was already not looking forward to.  However, for everyone else involved, […]

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Moral Responsibility

This Penn State/Joe Paterno thing is a kinda big deal in our house. Not because we knew the guy or even went to Penn State, though I do have a friend who graduated from there as did her other family members, but whatever, that’s beside the point. It’s a big deal because my husband is […]

Call Me a Hypocrite? . . . Fine.

There exist people in this world with whom I don’t care to really converse.  There are some with whom I don’t want to play on the same team–I don’t want my name mentioned in the same breath as theirs.  And there are some whose decisions I lament and motivations I question.  I’m human.  I’m a […]

Flooding, Frustration, and a New Patio Set

>Many places in North Dakota are under water right now with more to come. Medora was one of those places, but it looks as if the river is under control now. They say the worst is over, but for many, the worst is now upon them. Sifting through the mess. Wondering where to begin. Bottles […]

Answering the Call

>I’ve never met a leader who’s not had to count the cost of answering the call. In order to live in the sweet spot of who they are and what God has graced them to be able to do and accomplish, they’ve had to say no to some pretty great opportunities along the way. But […]

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