Food, Inc.

>I recently watched Food, Inc. First of all, a huge thanks to the collaborators, researchers, producers and all who contributed to this movie. (I haven’t read the book so I can’t say thank you on that front, but I do realize the movie is the result of the book, so . . .) It was […]

Born to Buy

>This is the book I am currently reading and have been reading for some time. (I’m almost done!) It’s kind of a bugger to get through; I don’t actually recommend reading it. It’s pretty dry and somewhat repetitive, and the author’s thoughts and points don’t always flow well together, but the information is pretty good. […]

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A Simple Season

>Our church participates in a movement that is called ADVENT CONSPIRACY, and it is wonderful. ADVENT CONSPIRACY has a motto that we have, as a family, tried to incorporate into our lives, and that is this: Worship fully. Spend less. Give more. Love all. What a powerful reminder to us what Christmas really is all […]

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