What Does God Think About My Stuff?

I was recently involved in a group discussion about godly stewardship and the desire for things. Is it wrong to want a motorcycle? Is it wrong to dream about a new bedroom set? Would it be considered sinful to update a perfectly adequate kitchen for aesthetic reasons? How many watches are considered too many? Let’s face […]

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In the Presence of a Prophet

  I’ve had “prophetic” words spoken over/into my life–words of knowledge, Holy Spirit-directed, human-uttered, divine words of revelation–that were absolutely real and totally true.  I still remember the flood of emotions that swept over my spirit during those precious encounters.  And while I can pretty much count them on one hand for they have been few, […]


Word (from your Father, as opposed to “to your mother”).  a dumb little joke Ever just want a WORD? Like . . . I don’t know . . . to the questions about what to do with your life. Or, you know you’re missing some detail that would make it all come together but you need […]

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