A Gardener I Am Not

This summer I gave it a go on the gardening thing.  It was pitiful.  Utterly pitiful. I started seeds in the spring.  Half of them died. I bought a flat of 10 strawberry plants–thinking I could have fresh-out-of-garden strawberry shortcake–only one survived.  And what that means is, nine died before I could even put them in […]

In Oil Country

>One day, not all that long ago, I had been thinking about Adam and Eve and the Garden. I’d been thinking about creation from the start and what God might have strung together, initially, in orchestrating creation’s living song. In my mind and heart, I suppose the picture resembled something like the other world in […]

What I’m Afraid Of

>I’m afraid of any number of things–spiders, wasps, crazy lookin’ strangers with lazy eyes, and dogs that appear to be foaming at the mouth, just to mention a few. I’m also afraid of gardening. Seriously. I don’t know what it is, but I’m anxious about it. I’ve never gardened before and I’m a bit paranoid […]


> For nearly the past two years, I’ve grown more and more interested in the food industry, nutritional health, and food production in America and around the world. I am in no way close to being as healthy as I want to be and still really like Rice-a-Roni, Lays potato chips, and Oreo cookies; however, […]

A Quick Word

>Let’s reduce waste, very simply. Stop using paper and plastic products. Use glass or metal or cloth or bamboo, even. Wash your dishes and your napkins. If you must use disposable, then burn them–don’t just toss them in a sack and wait for the garbage man to pick it up. It costs a little more, […]

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