Easter Eggs and Evangelism

This was my Facebook status yesterday: “Consider the weight of Good Friday and the greater weight without it.” This is how my status reads today: “It’s interesting to me how many churches equate evangelism with Easter Egg Extravaganzas.” Good Friday is ALL about Jesus. Easter egg hunts . . . not so much. So how, […]

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Blogging for Books: Radical by David Platt

On my May 21, 2010 entry I blogged about this book. Well, just the first chapter, really. After all, it was just a sneak-peak, and it was all I had read. I’ve finally read the entire book, and here’s my verdict. If you want to read a book about evangelism and fulfilling The Great Commission […]

Heartland Conference–Wes Bartel

> Wes Bartel – Session 1 from Heartland Ministry Network on Vimeo. He says everything I ever want to say, better than I ever could. As I watched this video, I took two pages of notes and couldn’t stop myself from saying things like,“Hallelujah!”, “So True!”, “Right On!”, “Yes, Yes!” . . . over and […]

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