A Sucker for Oscar

> I love the Academy Awards. I really enjoy the Golden Globes, the SAG Awards, and even the Emmy’s. I watch the awards shows because I’m a sucker for beautiful dresses, the high-priced jewelry that adorns necks and earlobes, fingers and wrists. I enjoy the hair-dos and make up. Wardrobe changes, wristlets, stilettos, and fake […]

A New Etsy Favorite

>YYStudio. Yep, this is one of my new favorite shops on the etsy marketplace site (like I need another new favorite, but I just can’t help myself). Here follows a couple of my favorite items: There are so many fun and unique items to be found at this shop. Maybe you’ll, like me, fall in […]

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Perusing Etsy

> I love fall’s wardrobe best with all the layers and layers of colors and woolen items. So tonight I checked out Etsy to see what some of the world’s craftiest people have to offer for autumn’s layering this year. Here are just a few of my favorites. I’ve always kind of had a thing […]

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Designer Labels for Rent

> Do you have some special occasions to go to this summer that require multiple wardrobe changes? Are you on the lookout for a hot little number or two without the price tag burning you up? Did you know you can rent designer labels, one of a kind (kind of) dresses that make a statement? […]

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Fanny Packs

> This is the image I used to have whenever someone said “fanny pack.” NOT ANYMORE!!!!!!! Last night I went to bed dreaming about fanny packs–this one in particular. I just happened upon this little beauty while browsing etsy sites. I want one for this summer. I told my husband I wouldn’t buy anymore purses […]

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A New Rave and Fave

> You’ve got to check out this little treasure of a store; it’s absolutely fantastic! I’m always a sucker for ruffles, and lots of them, so I was in love at first click. Their inventory isn’t overwhelmingly extensive, which I like, so I was able to peruse everything in a short amount of time, and […]

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What an Ensemble!

>When I was a single 20-something, I used to devour magazines like Vogue, W, and InStyle. These days, however, I’m more inclined to read Real Simple, Martha Stewart’s Living, and Cookie. As such, I was unaware, until today, of this young teenager making news and waves within the fashion world. I’m not so sure I’m […]

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>First of all, since my last post, I’ve received a lot of traffic here. I guess that’s what “Derek Jeter” will do for a blog, but I’m sorry to disappoint the droves of you who come here looking for a good story about the beloved NY Yankee only to find that I actually care more […]

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