Worship: Trusting You to Move Me

All God’s creatures got a place in the choir  Some sing low and some sing higher  Some sing out loud on the telephone wire  Some just clap their hands or paws or anything they’ve got now This song, “A Place in the Choir” recently made popular again by Celtic Thunder, makes me think of church […]

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War and Peace and Prayer

A woman in our church had died which provided us the perfect opportunity for first-hand training rather than simply talking about the theories and principles of funeral services.  My mentor, Rev. K, told me about funerals she had led in the past, debacles–perceived or otherwise–she had experienced, and of walking a fine line between mission […]

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About No Pants

A couple days ago I came across some footage of No Pants Subway days — a yearly event, I learned, where thousands of people meet and pledge to not wear pants as they ride the subway to work, school, the museum, whatever.  It’s gained traction over the years and has grown to include numerous cities […]

I’ll Take a 4th, Thank You

a fourth piece of cake, that is. I loved it. No, I only had two pieces, but the nice lady sitting next to me had four.  And very unapologetically, I might add. So I had the honor and privilege of marrying a nice, cute couple this weekend.  And at the reception I had the enjoyment of […]

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A Letter From the Principal

>So I had a letter waiting for me in my mailbox when I got home from vacation last weekend. It was from the school principal. I had failed to respond to a letter I had received in November (okay, I purposely didn’t respond) and if I don’t follow through in the next 30 days, my […]

Love and Justice–A Noble War

>Justice is a two-sided weapon of love. One side is a pillow, the other is a jack hammer. It depends on what side you happen to be standing that determines the kind of emotion it will evoke. The one weilding the weapon should always come from a position of love, but not everyone will feel […]

Church Membership

>”I don’t need to become a member of the church; I am the church.” It’s probably been nearly a year ago since my friend made this exact comment in a conversation about church membership. I think of it all the time, it’s that good. We happened to be talking about the disparities between building churches […]

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Blog Envy? Nah . . .

>Sometimes I peruse other blog sites and think how cool the authors and creators must be. Their blogs are awesome, have really great design, interesting photos, and the writing is outstanding. Their blogs make me want to invite them over and be friends. Then I come back to mine and try to compete. But that’s […]

Lest We Forget

>I should be blogging about Christmas/Holiday stuff tonight. After all, Christmas is less than a week away. But no. Instead, as the Christmas celebrations commence and another year dawns on the near horizon may we not forget to tell the stories of atrocities that have occurred in the past–Darfur, Chernobyl, Hitler, The Civil War, Rwanda, […]

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Ralph Nader

> I just finished watching Ralph Nader: An Unreasonable Man. L. O. V. E. D. I. T. I voted for him in the last presidential election and was sad to witness yet another loss, given all the victories he’s won over the years. I may not agree 100% with all his views, but long-term, broad […]

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