Following Freedom

>When did doing daily devotions and having a daily prayer journal become the standard by which we can declare ourselves “maturing in Christ”? When did reading the Bible become the only valid way a person can know the heart of God? When did going to a church and signing a covenant make a person an […]

Body Consciousness

> What is it about the majority of us that makes us body-conscious? As a woman, I particularly feel the pressure to look svelte at all times. Some days I feel like I’ve achieved that goal, but it has to be a cool day because layers are my friends. The hotter it gets, the more […]


>I grew up in a tradition that did not observe Lent. It wasn’t until these past 6 years or so that I have just discovered and have come to appreciate and enjoy the ancient practice. Many perspectives and characteristics exist around and within the Lenten practices, but the following are the ones that most resonate […]

Haiti and the Slow Crawl Out

>For quite a while now, my husband and I have been trying to “manage our debt” better, but until recently, we were simply man-ag-ing it. Only in the last couple of months have we really been serious about eliminating it. COMPLETELY! We don’t want to be slaves to anyone. Think, for a moment, what you […]

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Thick Skin, Political Correctness, and the 1st Amendment

For those of you who may need a refresher course in Government and US History, as US citizens our first amendment right is Freedom of Speech. Tonight I watched part of a documentary, of sorts, on HBO dedicated to our freedom(s) of speech, and it resonated loudly with stirrings in my own spirit. To some […]

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