A Gardener I Am Not

This summer I gave it a go on the gardening thing.  It was pitiful.  Utterly pitiful. I started seeds in the spring.  Half of them died. I bought a flat of 10 strawberry plants–thinking I could have fresh-out-of-garden strawberry shortcake–only one survived.  And what that means is, nine died before I could even put them in […]

Charity and Charitable Organizations

>While I don’t suggest people give in order to receive a tax deduction, if you are going to give, now is the time to do so, before the year rolls over into a new one. There are a lot of charitable organizations out there, as there are many needs that can be found in your […]

A Christmas Video

>The following is a video from Forgotten Christmas dot org. After viewing, I encourage you to visit their website for further suggestions, tools, and inspiration to help you implement greater meaning and truth into your regular, typical, traditional Christmas. May you find yourself giving more, caring more, and spending less . . . selfishly. May […]

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>The song of the little drummer boy, with all of its parumpumpumpumming, is, indeed, one of my favorite Christmas carols. I’ve heard a great deal of jesting about this tune, and it isn’t the first song that comes to mind when I think of my favorite Christmas songs. In fact, earlier today, on our way […]

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