Leaving Today and Another BonBon Rose Girls Giveaway

>In a couple hours I’m leaving for a couple days of silence and solitude with my friend Megan. We’ve rented a de–luxe room and a nearby B&B and plan to turn off all technology, resist the urge for external input, and allow our souls and spirits to become attuned with the deeper currents of life. […]

BonBon Giveaway for One More Day

>The BonBon Rose Girls are hosting another giveaway but for only one more day. This time around, the theme is tropical, and the item being given away is a beautiful necklace from Bride Blue. Stop on over at the BBRG’s site now and get the details on how you can register to win the pretty […]

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One More Day to Enter Giveaway

> The Alternative Consumer is sponsoring a handbag giveaway from The Hemptress. You can get all the details at their website, but don’t delay. You only have One More Day! And if you happen to win, but aren’t pleased with the prize, feel free to send it my way. 🙂 Sweepstake ends Wednesday, June 23, […]

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BBRG Day 5

> Today, with many thanks to the BonBon Rose Girls, I am now aware of a fantastic little site: The White Dress Shop (dot com).The title of their store is a bit misleading for they sell more than just white dresses. You can find wonderfully colorful items, skirts and tops, vintage jewelry and other accessories […]

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Hurry, the Giveaway is Soon to Expire

>If you’ve been following my past couple of blogs, you know that I’ve been commenting on the BonBon Rose Girls’ Blogaversary Giveaway. Each day this week they have been giving away different items from their supporting vendors. Today’s items come from the following: ~The Paris House~Barefoot Chic design~Jess L. C. jewelry~Floyd Yarmuth. Stop on over […]

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BonBon Rose Girls Giveaway

> “/> The BonBon Rose Girls are having a giveaway contest to celebrate their “bloggy anniversary.” You can enter to win some fabulous things so check it out: http://bonbonrose9.blogspot.com/ or simply click the “/> under the picture to take you directly to the website. Enjoy!

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Check These Out!

> This is the ultra hair accessory “just fantastic” from ban.do. Check out their entire line of accessories at: http://www.shopbando.com . Don’t you want to just get one for every day of the week, every week of the month, every month of the year? I do! You can enter to win a flashy bow from […]

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Making My Entries Valid

>The BonBon Rose Girls are celebrating their anniversary by hosting a week-long giveaway. Be sure you are entered to win some of the fabulous items that can be found there by checking out their website everyday for your chance to score some great items. Today’s donating sponsors are: Maria Confer of Lulu & Letty, dolcechic, […]

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