Following Freedom

>When did doing daily devotions and having a daily prayer journal become the standard by which we can declare ourselves “maturing in Christ”? When did reading the Bible become the only valid way a person can know the heart of God? When did going to a church and signing a covenant make a person an […]


>I grew up in a tradition that did not observe Lent. It wasn’t until these past 6 years or so that I have just discovered and have come to appreciate and enjoy the ancient practice. Many perspectives and characteristics exist around and within the Lenten practices, but the following are the ones that most resonate […]

A Picture with Derek Jeter

>This past week we spent a couple days in Minneapolis, MN to watch the Yankees beat the Twins. I married into a family of die-hard Yankee fans; I stood little chance. I now cheer for the winning-est team in baseball–proudly, too. We decided to check out downtown Minneapolis on Wednesday before the game, and while […]

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5000 On a Fish and Chips Basket

>The big chair in the corner is where I’ve been sitting to do my praying and bible study homework. Last week I cried out to God and poured out some tears as well. God heard me and answered me in that corner. Another reminder that sacred space can be anywhere. I let Him know, with […]

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Whole-Hog God

>God doesn’t give himself to us in pieces. The God I serve is a whole-hog, balls-out God (yes, I did just describe God as “balls-out”). When I asked Jesus to come into my life with his rule and his reign, He totally set up shop. My life as a Christ follower isn’t about getting more […]

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