My Top 10: Scraping Paint

>Since being in Medora these past days, I’ve been scraping A LOT of paint. These are the results of this activity: 1. My hands are now visibly different. Right hand, now manly; left hand, still womanly. Scraping paint, even for a few days, can really make a powerful difference. 2. I’ve been forced to work […]

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The Run-Down, Bible-style

I have children. On the rare occasion that my husband and I might have a date night or scheduling issues that leave a gaping hole, we are left to the only viable option available–the almighty babysitter. And because we don’t usually plan these events in advance or double-check our schedules until the day-of…we, more often […]

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Favorite Magazines

I cannot possibly subscribe to all my favorite magazines, but if I could this would be my short list: 1. InStyle 2. Real Simple 3. Domino 4. Leadership 5. Discipleship Journal 6. Time 7. Marth Stewart Living 8. W 9. Vogue 10. House Beautiful What would your short list look like?

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