Flooding, Frustration, and a New Patio Set

>Many places in North Dakota are under water right now with more to come. Medora was one of those places, but it looks as if the river is under control now. They say the worst is over, but for many, the worst is now upon them. Sifting through the mess. Wondering where to begin. Bottles […]

Life in a Tourist Town

>Today was the conclusion of our tourist season, for the most part, here in “beautiful historic Medora.” I say the tail end of that phrase with a bit of an accent and a hint of sarcasm. (Okay, maybe heavy on the sarcasm, but give me a little break. We’ve had gads of tourists walking in […]

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Earth Day

>The national observance of Earth Day is this Thursday, the 22nd, and I’m almost giddy with anticipation. My daughter came home with a flyer in her folder on Friday that listed a number of community activities happening this week at the Community Center and ways that we can participate. It’s hanging on my fridge and […]

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I think we’re moving. To Medora. Permanently. I’ve blogged about Medora before. Medora is a little tourist-trap of a town at the entrance to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in southwestern North Dakota. It’s where I fell in love with my husband and where both my children were . . . (I’ll stop right there; […]

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Breaking the Fast

>I just finished my last Medora breakfast with my friends Dini, Dwi, and Ricardo. As we sat at the bar with our eggs and hashbrowns at the end of the breakfast shift, I told myself keep it together, Amanda. My Muslim friends broke their fast in order to share a final meal with me before […]

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My Muslim Friends and the First Day of School

>For the past week and a half I’ve been working A LOT, and I’ve gotten to know my Muslim co-workers pretty well. Some of them I’ve known for a couple of years, but some are new friends to me. Most of them are observing Ramadan, a time of fasting and religious devotion “somewhat” similar to […]

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My Top 10: Scraping Paint

>Since being in Medora these past days, I’ve been scraping A LOT of paint. These are the results of this activity: 1. My hands are now visibly different. Right hand, now manly; left hand, still womanly. Scraping paint, even for a few days, can really make a powerful difference. 2. I’ve been forced to work […]

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>I hail from Montana; a state that has beautiful mountains and countless evergreens, even if they happen to be on the far side. He hails from North Dakota; a state known mostly for its sunflower seeds and windmills. It’s windy there. I met him in that windy state. The summer I met my guy was […]

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