If You Can’t Say Somethin’ Nice . . .

>Sometimes I wish God would just make me mute whenever I’m about to say something I shouldn’t. I’d open my mouth to say the inappropriate thing that my brain convinces my mouth needs to be said and . . . silence. That would be heavenly! Or maybe, just as my mouth is beginning to form […]

Love and Justice–A Noble War

>Justice is a two-sided weapon of love. One side is a pillow, the other is a jack hammer. It depends on what side you happen to be standing that determines the kind of emotion it will evoke. The one weilding the weapon should always come from a position of love, but not everyone will feel […]

Thick Skin, Political Correctness, and the 1st Amendment

For those of you who may need a refresher course in Government and US History, as US citizens our first amendment right is Freedom of Speech. Tonight I watched part of a documentary, of sorts, on HBO dedicated to our freedom(s) of speech, and it resonated loudly with stirrings in my own spirit. To some […]

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