War and Peace and Prayer

A woman in our church had died which provided us the perfect opportunity for first-hand training rather than simply talking about the theories and principles of funeral services. ┬áMy mentor, Rev. K, told me about funerals she had led in the past, debacles–perceived or otherwise–she had experienced, and of walking a fine line between mission […]

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Is There a Happy Middle-Ground?

>I’m blogging because, for me, right now, it’s the happy middle-ground between escaping into my Netflix instant queue and being super proactive in researching church membership, statistics, options, scripture references, and the like. I don’t want to work that hard on something that might not end up mattering, but I don’t feel like escaping is […]

Church Membership

>”I don’t need to become a member of the church; I am the church.” It’s probably been nearly a year ago since my friend made this exact comment in a conversation about church membership. I think of it all the time, it’s that good. We happened to be talking about the disparities between building churches […]

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Ralph Nader

> I just finished watching Ralph Nader: An Unreasonable Man. L. O. V. E. D. I. T. I voted for him in the last presidential election and was sad to witness yet another loss, given all the victories he’s won over the years. I may not agree 100% with all his views, but long-term, broad […]

Thick Skin, Political Correctness, and the 1st Amendment

For those of you who may need a refresher course in Government and US History, as US citizens our first amendment right is Freedom of Speech. Tonight I watched part of a documentary, of sorts, on HBO dedicated to our freedom(s) of speech, and it resonated loudly with stirrings in my own spirit. To some […]

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Marriage Proposal: Gay and Otherwise

>Gay marriage, if you are unaware, has been gaining momentum and is becoming a mainstream issue in this country. I can only assume that it will become a common thing in a relatively short amount of time. Here’s what I think. I happen to whole-heartedly agree with Tony Campolo about the issue of marriage. Let […]

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