What Does God Think About My Stuff?

I was recently involved in a group discussion about godly stewardship and the desire for things. Is it wrong to want a motorcycle? Is it wrong to dream about a new bedroom set? Would it be considered sinful to update a perfectly adequate kitchen for aesthetic reasons? How many watches are considered too many? Let’s face […]

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It’s Not Too Early

It’s not too early to start thinking about Christmas this year. In fact, I know some people who are already gathering gifts in preparation for the holidays. So, before you spend all your money on more Christmas and holiday stuff, consider this video and make some plans for implementing a new kind of gift-giving this […]

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Stamp Happy

> Recently my current issue of USA PHILATELIC arrived in the mail and I literally spent about 45 minutes looking through it. USA PHILATELIC considers itself to be “The Official Source for Stamp Enthusiasts” and I guess they’re probably right; after all, it is sponsored by the USPS (the US Postal Service). And where do […]

A New Etsy Favorite

>YYStudio. Yep, this is one of my new favorite shops on the etsy marketplace site (like I need another new favorite, but I just can’t help myself). Here follows a couple of my favorite items: There are so many fun and unique items to be found at this shop. Maybe you’ll, like me, fall in […]

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A Little Confession

> I spent too much money on candles today. There, I said it. I would’ve spent the same amount of money on the same candles over time, but for some reason, doing it all at once makes me feel kind of bad. Nevertheless, they smell divine, and I’m stocked-up. (Can I blame Bath and Body […]

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Designer Labels for Rent

> Do you have some special occasions to go to this summer that require multiple wardrobe changes? Are you on the lookout for a hot little number or two without the price tag burning you up? Did you know you can rent designer labels, one of a kind (kind of) dresses that make a statement? […]

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Fanny Packs

> This is the image I used to have whenever someone said “fanny pack.” NOT ANYMORE!!!!!!! Last night I went to bed dreaming about fanny packs–this one in particular. I just happened upon this little beauty while browsing etsy sites. I want one for this summer. I told my husband I wouldn’t buy anymore purses […]

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