Word (from your Father, as opposed to “to your mother”).  a dumb little joke Ever just want a WORD? Like . . . I don’t know . . . to the questions about what to do with your life. Or, you know you’re missing some detail that would make it all come together but you need […]

A Balancing Act

>As a mostly stay-at-home momma and a very part-time minister, it would seem like I have a lot of free time on my hands. And I kinda do. Kinda. As any stay-at-home parent knows, “free time” has to be filled with pretty mindless, easily interruptible, and quickly picked back up activities. You can’t get into […]

Leaving Today and Another BonBon Rose Girls Giveaway

>In a couple hours I’m leaving for a couple days of silence and solitude with my friend Megan. We’ve rented a de–luxe room and a nearby B&B and plan to turn off all technology, resist the urge for external input, and allow our souls and spirits to become attuned with the deeper currents of life. […]

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