Sleep-Overs and Excellence

>Tonight is my daughter’s first sleep-over experience. She’s not the one actually sleeping-over, her little friend is coming here, but she’s been talking of nothing else since last week when we decided to make a date of it. The first sleep-over I remember was when I went to stay at my friend Melissa’s house out […]

Love, Betrayal and Heartache

>Sophia, you’ve settled your heart on a little boy for the first time. Embarrassment is normal; that’s okay. But don’t let the difficulties of “love” rob you from the joys of loving deeply and freely in the future. Your heartache will pass; you’ll grow stronger and wiser. Own your emotions and be proud of your […]

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A Prayer for My Daughter

> Fiza, if you ever read this, this prayer is an example of my heart-felt expression to God for you on a daily basis. May it bless you even a tiny bit as much as you bless me! Dear Lord, I pray for my sweet, strong, brave girl. I ask that you protect her heart […]

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My Muslim Friends and the First Day of School

>For the past week and a half I’ve been working A LOT, and I’ve gotten to know my Muslim co-workers pretty well. Some of them I’ve known for a couple of years, but some are new friends to me. Most of them are observing Ramadan, a time of fasting and religious devotion “somewhat” similar to […]

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