Little Purple Flower Shop Job

I’ve taken a little part-time job at the local flower shop.  I know, I know; I’m a SAHM, not a working mom. So what.  Things change.  I knew at some point they would, I just never thought flower arranging  would be involved. But, here’s the awesome thing (actually, there’re quite a few awesome things about […]

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My Top 10: Scraping Paint

>Since being in Medora these past days, I’ve been scraping A LOT of paint. These are the results of this activity: 1. My hands are now visibly different. Right hand, now manly; left hand, still womanly. Scraping paint, even for a few days, can really make a powerful difference. 2. I’ve been forced to work […]

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Blisters and Weeds

>My dad and I have a rich tradition of delving into and debating theological ideas. We thoroughly enjoy dissecting pieces of Scripture–and the doctrines based on them–and, picking sides, therein follows discussion with numerous rabbit trails that keep us busy and the volume high. A couple days ago we decided to entertain the thought of […]

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Paid to Pray?

I was sharing with a friend today about a personal dilemma I have encountered. I share these thoughts at her urging. Before I ever entered the ministry, I felt that it was/is part of the pastor’s job to pray and read the Bible. Part of a pastor’s role is to fervently seek the face of […]

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