A Different Kind of Bible Study Today

This morning, instead of the usual Bible Study at 9 am, we gathered together an hour later to attend the funeral of a lovely woman who joined us each week to study God’s Word and pray.  I didn’t know her well, but she was a kind, thoughtful, joy-filled woman I was happy to have known. […]

Worship: Trusting You to Move Me

All God’s creatures got a place in the choir  Some sing low and some sing higher  Some sing out loud on the telephone wire  Some just clap their hands or paws or anything they’ve got now This song, “A Place in the Choir” recently made popular again by Celtic Thunder, makes me think of church […]

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Worshiping In the Gap

Whenever someone is down, or hurt, or lonely, or sad . . . as Christians we set ourselves to praying.  We put these people and their needs on the church prayer chain, make them our spoken requests before the congregation, and add them to our prayer lists, waiting to see when and how God will […]

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A Celebration of the Cells

Today as I was brushing my teeth, my gums felt as if they were throwing a party in my mouth.  I don’t know why today, on just a regular Thursday, my gums would feel so happy to be brushed, but they did. And upon this happy sensation I realized that every cell in my body […]

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Tension Requires Confession

I am undergoing a quasi identity crisis.  Some things I know to be true about myself and these things make me happy and content, but within my soul I am finding black holes that suck the light and life and give nothing back.  I’m functioning and still laugh from my gut, and yet I’m also […]

Answering the Call

>I’ve never met a leader who’s not had to count the cost of answering the call. In order to live in the sweet spot of who they are and what God has graced them to be able to do and accomplish, they’ve had to say no to some pretty great opportunities along the way. But […]

What You Might See and Where It Might Come From

>There’s a great blog I’ve been following, Neighborhood Churches dot blogspot dot com, that “Bob McGrath” put together as he attends 50 different churches this year and comments on what he experiences in these diverse traditions and churches. As I read about his experiences and observations I’m left wondering about what he might write of […]

Sunday Morning You Tube

> Cody from A New Kind of Minister posted this video on his blog, and I thought it was too good not to share here as well. Thoughts, anyone?

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Thank You and No Fluff

>A couple weeks ago I was worrying just a bit about the quality of ministry at our church. I can’t lead worship, so I cut a few Cd’s with some worship songs that seemed to fit the people of the church. So, we 6 sing to the strains belted out of my little “ghetto blaster” […]

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Following Freedom

>When did doing daily devotions and having a daily prayer journal become the standard by which we can declare ourselves “maturing in Christ”? When did reading the Bible become the only valid way a person can know the heart of God? When did going to a church and signing a covenant make a person an […]

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